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Why do you talk about them in the answer? The anon didn't asked you that, besides, we don't know if they could or not

Anon asked me- ‘why is Harry getting praised for doing a q&a about the invictus games without notes or preparation before hand??’

And my answer is they are praising him because Willie and Katie couldn’t do it [it was an ironic statement ridiculing the people who can’t praise Henri without pointing out how shit the Cambridges are]

Why you so mad bebe?

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Wtf why is Harry getting praised for doing a q&a about the invictus games without notes or preparation before hand?? This is his project! Surely he should know enough about it to answer basic questions.

It’s amazing because Willie and Katie Middlescum couldn’t do it

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Lol at harry swearing while talking to the students today. I would get detention is I said something meant a hell of a lot to me in class.

When did he swear?

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Harry hates twitter because he wants to be "normal" only normal to him means being rich with no one to answer to and being able to live a life of leisure like his friends. He fails to remember that normal for most people is struggling to put food on the table for their families and most normal people would gladly have their pic tweeted if it meant having food security.

William made him say it

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Honest question here: I don't get Harry's endless hatred of Twitter. Okay, I get that he's angry people tweet pics and info of him when he's out and about, but why does it bother him so much? Who cares if people know you are grocery shopping or eating chicken for dinner? I grew up in a tiny town where everyone knows every thing about you, so I guess I just don't get what the big deal is.

I get why he hates it when it’s like 24/7 and there’s pics of him scratching his ass or whatever, BUT what a douchy thing to do to admit it to a bunch of kids who you’re trying to get to use twitter.!

Come to tumblr henri!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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lol rachel says she isn't plagiarizing, isn't copying text word for word and posting it as your own exactly that??

she’s in the best company 


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"‘You are like the daughter I never had’ said Liz. Phily was too kind hearted to correct her." omg this fic i'm crying

I would gif reply but I have no face for Phily… Send me suggestions of who’s face Phily can have!